Here at T&B Tube, not only do we conform to specific needs and provide the most reliable services in the industry, but we have mastered the art of hitting if-not-beating the timeframe on all of our deliverables. Whether you’re a distributor, an end-user or simply fabricating and selling to an OEM, we are the most efficient solution in the industry for any steel tubing needs.

From the beginning, we work directly with our customers to understand their project, their goals and any accommodations they will need. Whether they require a specific size or a non-standard quantity, we pride ourselves in providing exactly what they’re looking for.

Once we’ve gathered that information, we have extremely quick turnaround on putting together a quote that reflects each of the specific needs their business requires. While other companies may push out the start of the manufacturing process for weeks, we have the shortest lead times and can begin cutting the steel tubing to length quickly.

After an order is completed, we have the team and systems in place to quickly get the products right where they’re needed. Whether it’s delivering them to a site, placing them into storage or handing them over on consignment, with T&B Tube, it always happens fast.

So why does fast matter to us? Because our customers matter to us. We’re not looking to be just another company you work with – we want to be your partner in helping deliver the exact product you are looking for. The faster that we can produce and deliver materials to a site, the more time you save and have to work with your customers or create your product. We strive to expedite this process so you can reduce your overhead and increase the profitability of your business.

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