When we started T&B Tube, one of the specific goals we set out to achieve was to become the most flexible steel tubing solution in the industry. Accepting that challenge begins with our promise to our customers that, once an order has been finalized, the price is locked in and we guarantee that their products will be delivered so they can secure their business.

Not only do we have a very flexible cutting process where we can create customized tubing at lengths as short  as 2”, but if our customers need a specific or substitute material, we have a wide range of product options and flexibility when it comes to what we are able to deliver. We also have small quantity variances and the ability to execute exact-quantity orders so customers get exactly what they are looking for without the hassle of excess product.

After understanding your processes, we can work with you on keeping inventories lean.  We have developed inventory managment programs with customers to ensure they have product available as needed. We are also more than willing to load multiple LTLs onto a single truck – getting customer’s materials delivered faster and more efficiently.

Flexibility is important because we understand how different companies can have vastly different needs. In the steel tubing industry, one-size-fits-all solutions are a rare commodity. We know how to work with customers, decide on a strategy and make the adjustments on our end to deliver the exact product they need – transitioning T&B from simply another supplier to a value-added vendor that reduces overhead costs and increases customer satisfaction.

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