The cornerstone of T&B Tube is in our reliability as a provider for high-quality steel tubing. The ability to deliver a product that meets the specifications of our customers is at the core of our company, and our values are an extension of our promise for reliable, sustainable steel tubing solutions.

When working with steel tubing, it’s important to create a product that we would feel comfortable using in our own projects. That is why, when we first begin work, we treat a project like it’s our own. Our commitment to quality and reliability begins with a quality product and continues on well beyond customer satisfaction.

We want to make the entire experience with T&B far better than ever expected. If there are jobs that we don’t have the ability to fulfill, not only will we be clear with our customers up-front, but also will leverage our own networks to point them in the right direction. Additionally, if we see opportunities for customers beyond what they were initially looking for, we will work to strategically link our customers together to do great things.

In the event that mistakes are made, we don’t point fingers – we find solutions. We will continually work with our customers to correct any errors and will never quit on a job. We will work until the job is complete and accept nothing less than a satisfied customer who will always come back to T&B Tubing.

Want to better understand how we can work together or get a quote on your project? Give us a call at (219) 979-8100 

Side note: With our experience in the industry comes the expertise and ability to see a project from angles our customers might not have noticed. This presents the opportunity for us as a supplier to help our customers innovate. If interested, we can provide suggestions and opportunities for them to modify their products or better optimize their process to create an even better product.



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